35-7116 T-Series Detailed Track Holders


Detailed replacement set for the kit parts.

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T-Series Detailed Track Holders

What Is It?

This product is a simple replacement for your kit parts.

Why Do I Need It?

This product allows you to show the spare track storage racks empty, or with missing track pads, and in much greater detail.

What Kit Does It Fit?:

This product has been designed to fit TAKOM kit #’s 2064 & 2065, but it can be made to work on any T-29/30/34 kit.

How Is It Different?

  • Separate track holder brackets with weld detail
  • Separate retaining straps and locking pin mechanism
  • Separate track pads

What Were Your Reference(s): Surviving museum pieces.

Who Made The Master: Joe Bakanovic

What Scale Is It? 1/35

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